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Prices & Booking

How much do you charge?

We have a contact form we welcome you to fill out for an accurate quote including travel. You can find pricing info on our prices page.

Do you have a minimum?

We have a minimum of 4 adults for all mobile bookings & weekends.  

What is your travel fee?

Our fee varies depending on the distance from Blush'd HQ in Yarrabilba 4207 QLD.

How much is required as a deposit?

It is a $100 deposit to secure a wedding booking. This comes off the total price and the remaining amount is due 1 week before your wedding date.

How far in advance should I book?

I would recommend 12-18 months before your wedding day, especially if you're requesting Sophie for your day.


Bridal Trials

When should I book my bridal trial?

We recommend having your trial any time from 3 months before your special day. We'll be in touch 3 months out to remind you to book in! 

What days do you do trials and where?

We offer trials primarily on weekdays, as our weddings are our main focus on the weekends. Some Saturdays can be arranged by request.

Trials are completed at our home studio located in Yarrabilba 4207 - half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

If my team will be looking after you (not myself personally), your trail will be completed from the comfort of you own home as your stylists will travel to you.

Do I have to have a trial?

No, trials are optional but they are a great opportunity to meet your artists ahead of the big day, trial your chosen look and let us know of any adjustments you would like to make for the day.

What happens at my trial?

We will have a thorough consultation with you to discuss ideas for your hair and makeup, your needs, expectations and how you envision your look before deciding on the styles we will try. Afterwards we will take photos for our reference and take notes of the products that were used and your likes/dislikes/any adjustments that were made. Allow approx 2 hours for a hair and makeup trial.

How do I prepare?

Please come to your appointment with cleansed skin, no makeup, and wash your hair 24 hours beforehand (2 shampoos and condition mid-lengths to ends).

Have a couple of inspiration photos ready for your hair and makeup, and some photos of your dress and bridesmaid dresses is also an advantage so we can ensure your entire look is in unity and goes with the overall theme of your wedding. 

How many looks do we cover?

We will create one complete look, with minor adjustments and tweaks to ensure it is perfect for you. If you would like to trial a second look, we can arrange another time for you to have second trial (normal rates apply). 

Special Occasion Services

Do you only do makeup and hair for weddings?

No, we offer our services for all occasions such as formals, races, hens nights, photo shoots, engagement parties. Feel free to get in touch for more information.


 On Your Wedding Day

How long do you take per person?

Contact us and we will provide you with a schedule for your hair/makeup on your wedding day. We allow approximately 1hour per person, or longer for extra long and thick hair types.

How should we prepare for our hair and makeup?

As with your trial appointment, please have a cleansed face, no makeup, and wash your hair 24 hours beforehand (2 shampoos and condition mid-lengths to ends). This applies to all having their hair/makeup done.

How many artists will be there on my day?

For smaller bridal parties of 3 people or less, you may have one artist for both hair and makeup. But parties of 4+ will have at least 1 hairstylist and 1 makeup artist working.

Can you bring extra artists to complete us quicker?

We can accommodate your requests to be completed quicker in most cases by bringing an assistant. If a client is requesting this when we would usually complete your sized bridal party without extra help, an assistant fee will incur.

What time should I be ready?

We recommend checking with your photographer regarding the time they would like your hair and makeup completed for photos. From past experience, this time is usually about 1.5 hours before you are due to leave for your ceremony.