• Sophie Clive

Choosing your bride tribe 👑

This can be such a hard decision! One of the best tips is to really think it through. Don’t go asking people to be your bridesmaids as soon as you get engaged! Think about it for a while first 🥰

here are a few other little tips:

💍 Make sure your girls are supportive, reliable, that you all get along as a group and can have fun together! This decides the vibe for the whole wedding day, not to mention any events beforehand. You want to be surrounded by a fun and loving bunch of girls that are there for your emotionally & will help to keep you relaxed and feeling good!! 😍⭐️

💍 You don’t need to stick to just girls as your bridesmaids. We’ve seen lots of Bridesmen & Man of Honour’s lately, if they are your closest friends don’t let tradition sway you from including them. Often they wear a tie or vest in the colour of the bridesmaids dresses, it looks lovely and ties them in to the bridal party 👏

💍 Will you be just as close with this person 5 years from now?

💍 Consider your siblings & sisters in law. They’re not likely to be going anywhere and will still be there for your 10 year anniversary!

💍 For the Honour role, make sure you choose a responsible person (and your fiancé should definitely do the same!!). Your Maid of Honour & Best Man will be in charge of some important things like your rings!!!, hens/bucks, signing at the wedding & being your right hand man/woman for support 💜