• Sophie Clive

Selecting the Perfect Bridal Prep Room

Tip 1 - get married at Maleny Manor... HAHA just kidding, but this bridal prep room was divine!!!! Featuring our real life ANGEL Samantha 😇 doesn’t she look incredible!

When choosing a place to get ready, consider these few things -

🏡 Space vs amount of people. You want enough room not to start feeling cramped & hot due to too many bodies in a small room! Don’t forget you’ll also have a hairstylist, makeup artist, photographer & possibly videographer & florist popping in as well as any assistants these vendors may bring with them.

💨 A room with Air Con is especially important in the summer months! You do not want to be sweating while having your makeup or hair done. Stay cool 😎🌊

🌞 Natural light is a huge bonus for your prep room. Your makeup artist will love you 😜 Of course, if good natural light isn’t possible we will bring lighting with us, but natural is always best!! 🙌

📸 Consider your bridal prep photos when choosing where to get ready! The prettier the location - the prettier the getting ready photos.

🔌 For hair & makeup services, we will just require a good sized table to set up on & access to power.

👗 When hair & makeup is complete, in that final hour or 2 your bridesmaids, mum & anyone else getting ready with you will all be rushing to get changed as quickly as they can so they can then help you into your dress etc! Having a place with multiple rooms / bathrooms for people to get dressed in will definitely be a benefit.